Why Brow Lamination Has Taken the Beauty Industry by Storm

Brow Lamination is a relatively new treatment that results in smooth and fuller eyebrows. The treatment originated in Russia, but it’s had a major impact in the world of beauty. Who wouldn’t want a highly effective treatment that can be done in less than an hour? Once it’s done, you don’t have to worry about tinting, penciling, or eyebrow gels. The eyebrows are left looking well-shaped and fuller. Gone are the days of thin and patchy brows!

On that note, you’re probably interested in knowing more about Brow Lamination. Contrary to the name of the treatment, it has nothing to do with sticking a plastic sheet over the eyebrows. If you purchase a Brow Lamination Kit, you’ll have all the necessary equipment. So, here’s everything you need to know about brow lamination.


What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is a semi-permanent procedure in which the eyebrow hairs are straightened using a keratin chemical solution. Many people also refer to it as an “eyebrow perm”. It helps the brows to look more symmetrical and pushes all the brow hairs in the same direction. It’s a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t include needles or sharp equipment. This makes it the perfect microblading alternative for anyone with low pain tolerance. It doesn’t matter if a person’s eyebrows are thin or bushy, they can still benefit from the treatment.


What is the Brow Lamination process?

The treatment can be considered a two-step process. Firstly, a lifting cream is applied to the eyebrow hairs. It’s a specially formulated keratin solution that shouldn’t harm the skin. While the cream is on the eyebrows, the technician will brush the hairs upwards. This leaves the brows looking nice and neat as all the hairs are in a uniform direction.

Secondly, a neutralizer is applied to the brows and it helps seal them in a set position. Although the keratin solution and neutralizer are safe to apply on the face, it’s advisable to apply a nourishing oil afterward that will prevent skin irritation or dryness.


What does a Brow Lamination Kit include?

Brow Lamination Kits are incredibly handy. They have everything you need for every step of the treatment process. Additionally, you can buy kits that cater to more than one Brow Lamination treatment. The typical kit includes:

  • Lifting cream
  • Neutralizing cream
  • Moisturizing serum
  • Gel bonder
  • Application tools


In some cases, the same kit can be used for lash lifting too. However, you must verify beforehand to avoid any mishaps.


Who provides Brow Lamination treatments?

Lash lifts are done by licensed beauty professionals or estheticians. In some instaces, they can also be performed by a trained professional makeup artist. If you’re interested in providing Brow Lamination treatments at your beauty clinic or salon, consider investing in a high-quality Brow Lamination Kit. They make it quick and easy to provide the service to clients as you’ll have all the products you need right at your fingertips.

It’s also advisable for technicians to offer the service after they’ve been sufficiently trained. The treatment is relatively straightforward, however, using the proper technique makes a major difference.

No matter who the service provider is, they should be able to confirm their credentials and experience. A portfolio of work is also essential.


What is the typical cost of a Brow Lamination treatment?

Brow Lamination generally costs between $50 and $110. It greatly depends on who provides the treatment and if any other treatments will be done alongside the Brow Lamination. Although Brow Lamination on its own can have great results, some people also like to tweeze or wax excess hairs and tint their eyebrows for color enhancement. Technicians should be prepared to offer a few add-ons if they want to keep their clients happy. People with light hair or thin brows are more likely to request eyebrow tinting too.


How do I maintain my eyebrows after a Brow Lamination treatment?

It’s a great idea to apply a nourishing oil or cream on the eyebrows at least once a day. It helps to prevent the brows from drying out and keeps the eyebrow hair smooth and healthy. On average, the treatment will last about 6  to 8 weeks. It would be great if the treatment lasted a little longer, but a few weeks of awesome eyebrows is a fair amount of time. This means you can go for a Brow Lamination and lash lift treatment on the same day and expect them to last for a similar amount of time.


What are the pros and cons of Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is a highly effective way to enhance your natural eyebrows. The treatment makes thinning eyebrows look fuller and tames bushy eyebrows. It can also help to combat the aftermath of overplucking and over waxing in the past. The final result is evenly shaped eyebrows that are totally Instagram worthy. Better yet, the entire process is completely non-invasive! All it takes is a little bit of keratin solution on the eyebrows to generate such incredible results.

However, there are a few potential risks and side effects. Most people don’t experience any problems at all. Nevertheless, there is the risk of swelling, redness, peeling, itching, or bumps on the skin. These irritations can occur directly underneath the eyebrows and extend to the eyelids. It’s important to consider skin sensitivity before undergoing the treatment.

It’s always exciting to try out new beauty treatments, especially when they have immediate positive results. In the last decade, many people have started to realize how effective eyebrows can be in shaping the face. This means they’re willing to put a lot more money into worthwhile cosmetic treatments. One of the best parts about Brow Lamination is that it’s centered on enhancing natural eyebrows.

If you’re interested in providing professional treatments at your beauty clinic or salon, consider purchasing Brow Lamination Kits. It will make your job a whole lot easier and you can verify that you’re working with trustworthy products. As the treatment becomes more popular, you’ll want to make sure you’re one of the best locations for Brow Lamination in your area.